1868 – 1882

The first church in this vicinity was constituted in 1855, and was named Shilo Baptist Church. It was located on the Wilson place nine miles north of Thomasville, with a record of thirteen members.
In 1867 Reverend Asa Stephenson came to Thomas County and located north of Thomasville. He found great destitution and much need for gospel preaching. In 1868 he began preaching at his own charge in this much neglected field.


One day Reverend Stephenson was out riding his horse when he came to this most beautiful place. The hill looked so divine against the sunset. He got down off his horse and walked up the hill and knelt beside a stump and prayed that a church be established, and people would come and make up a congregation. As he prayed there was a stillness, which no one could hardly believe unless they had been in a similar position.
February 16, 1882, Peter Pierce gave three acres of land in Lot 167, District 13 Gift Book T, Page 46, for the purpose of building a church. Mr. Davie Murphy, Mr. A.C. Stephenson and Mr. James Murphy signed with Mr. Peter Pierce for the construction of a building. The church boundaries were as follows: South end of bridge, West six chains to pine corner, South six chains to stake corner, East to a branch, North along branch to creek, then along said creek to the starting point, containing three acres more or less.
The virgin pines were cut and sawed in lumber, and the work of the building began. Men toiled and worked day after day, making pledges to give money for the building. Elander James NeSmith made a pledge, and when the time came to pay it, he did not have the money, but had some fine cows and he sold them to pay his pledge. The lumber was planed by hand. The benches were made, and a platform for the pulpit, which was also made by hand was placed upon this three-foot high platform.
After the building was completed the Big Creek Baptist Church was constituted in 1882. Reverend Asa Stephenson was the pastor. The members of Shilo Baptist Church came and joined Big Creek Baptist Church.
A committee was appointed to draw up a Church Covenant in 1882.

1930 – 1955

Full Church Covenant

Full Church Covenant


Unanimously adopted and signed, Lemuel Willoughy, A. Parramore, Rebecca Stephens, Mariah Hart, Martha Adams, Dorothy Mathis, Mary J. Pierce.In 1930 it was passed in conference to buy a piano; it was purchase at $100, one half paid in January and one half paid in October by the YWA’s.
Mrs. O.A. Thomas of Metcalf organized a W.M.S. in October 1930. This organization having been grounded in faith has met each month for a missionary program and given to the Cooperative Program each month for fourty-five years. The ladies bought carpet for the aisles. At the same time the church curtained off Sunday School rooms in the church, and later the curtains and the carpet were stolen, along with gas lamps.
The Gardners gave land to enlarge the cemetery. In 1939 Reverend J. J. Boswell was pastor when we got electricity. Mr. Olin NeSmith and Mr. Oscar NeSmith wired the church. Mrs. Corina McMillian gave the communication set to the church.
It had been the prayers of several families with children to have services twice a month. At this time Reverend E. G. Carter was pastor. A motion was made and a second that we have services twice a month; it was carried.
In 1940 while Reverend E. G. Carter was still pastor, three deacons were appointed for ordination. Reverend F. A. Bone led in the service at which time C. A. Yandle, Olin J. NeSmith and W. J. Phinazee were ordained as deacons/ After the service the congregation went outside and knelt under an oak tree and prayed that someday there would be a Sunday School Building erected in this spot.
In 1946 when Reverend J. H. Davis was pastor the church went to full time. This was the first church in the association to go full time; since this time every church in the association has gone full time.
Reverend C. R. McCuthens was pastor in 1949 when it was moved and carried to build a two story building onto the back of the church. The finances would not permit but one story be built. Under the leadership of Asa NeSmith together with the members working day in and out it was soon finished.
Hubert and Homer Gardner gave two acres of land to build a pastorium, and Mrs. Santie Boland gave a strip of land in front of the pastorium. It was moved and carried to build. The pastor appointed a committee to see about financing’ they reported back that they had a fine response. Harvey Rehberg was appointed chairman and Leon NeSmith superintendent of the building.
The ladies carried food each day the men were working. With full cooperation the pastorium was finished in six months. Reverend Louis Kennedy brought the message and Reverend F.A. Bone led in prayer. Harvey Rehberg, chairman of the Board of Deacons, presented the pastor Reverend W.L. Key the keys. There was much rejoicing of the accomplishments and thanks to God. Mrs. Mary Lou Parramore made curtains for the new home.
In 1955, when Reverend Norman Beverly was pastor, a breezeway, carport and utility room were added to the pastorium.

1962 – 1973

In 1962, Reverend S.S. Averritt had a plan and presented it to the church to have a bulldozer to clear land for enlarging the cemetery and to sell lots to pay for same. The plan was to great advantage for the church and community.
In 1964, Reverend Paul Jones was pastor and there was a motion with a second to build more Sunday School rooms; it was carried. After much discussion whether or not to build a second story on the present building or to build outside the church, the membership decided to build outside with a motion by Willie Rehberg and a second. Under the leadership of Bennie Strickland and full cooperation of the members, the building was completed November 21, 1965. Reverend Jones let the dedication service. At the end of the service a clipping from the newspaper which Reverend F.A. Bone had written in 1940 was given to the pastor. This clipping was in reference to a prayer meeting held under the oaks in 1940 where they prayed for a building to be put there someday. This new building was an answer to the 1940 prayer meeting.


When Reverend Buford Tanner was pastor it was moved and seconded to have the floors in the auditorium of the church sanded and varnished and carpet put down the aisles and in front of the church at a cost of $1500. The money was given by freewill donations. Also a vacuum cleaner was given the same way. The looks of the church were improved greatly.


It was moved and seconded to buy pews from First Baptist Church at a cost of $20 a piece. Different members bought one or more, along with the pulpit, communion table and chairs. Ms. Opal McMillan gave an organ to the church.
A motion was made and seconded after the Olin NeSmith family asked permission to build a baptistery with a painting in memory of Olin J. NeSmith who passed away October 1, 1967. Reverend Buford Tanner preached the dedication service. Scripture was taken from Nehemiah 2:14. The subject was “A mind to build”.

In 1969, Reverend Jim Louchs was pastor. At this time Mr. Joe Rehberg was licensed to the gospel ministry and later Oklahoma Baptist Church near Cordele, Georgia called for his ordination. On Mother’s Day 1969 he was ordained to the ministry. (Jimmy Allen, Steven Strickland, and Oneal Gardner were also licensed to the ministry.)
That year it was moved and carried in conference to build a porch on the front of the church. The blocks were laid and filled in with sand and a concrete porch was poured. The steps were laid by Mr. Bennie Strickland with help from Mr. and Mrs. Harry Murphy and Mrs. Maxine Strickland; also the full cooperation of the members.

In February 1973 Mr. Tommy Kinchen was called as supply pastor. The church asked the Dawson Street Baptist Church in Thomasville for his ordination. He was ordained on April 15, 1973.

By this time the porch had been finished. Mr. James Kennedy did the painting. Mr. Asa and Mrs. Carrie NeSmith’s children placed a cross on the gable of the porch in memory of them both.

1980 – 2000